Who are we and how can we help you?

Codesigned - Digital Problem Solvers

We are a well-rounded team of web, app and software developers, who can build anything you have to throw at us. From a simple website, app and HTML email template through to marketing portals, full campaign deployment and retail personalisation solutions - our 360 digital skill-set can tackle

It’s important to note, that we’re not just web gurus. Our experienced project & client services managers, are the keystone to the operation. We regularly work with clients to put together technical scopes and feasibility studies.

Simply put, we are relentless digital problem solvers. We have the expertise to advise on all stages, from digital web/app builds, to software, to hardware, to concepts and prototypes. Send us your ideas and we will come up with a solution!



We're well-known for our friendly, adaptable and personal approach with our clients. Over time, we have designed unique ways to work with our clients efficiently and effectively.  Because of the discreet way that we work, we don’t shout about who we work with but just ask us for some referrals.


1st Project Discount - a good fit

When delivering any campaign we work closely with you and have processes and systems in place to ensure we meet with success. We understand you may want to put us to the test and offer an introductory discount as an incentive to let us show you what we can do.

Where are we?

Our core team are based in the idyllic spa-town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire with account managers based in London. By partnering with us, you have access to a full-stack development team who will take care of your project in a professional and efficient manner.

We operate throughout the UK and internationally. Our customers are primarily based in London and throughout the UK, however, we also have a large international customer base ranging from the USA to the Far East. We are well travelled and happy to be wherever our client’s need us.

We work hard behind the scenes. Your clients don’t need to know we’re there or if you prefer, we are client facing too. Our team often attend client meetings to provide technical expertise, completely under your umbrella . Our most beneficial partnerships are where we become a fully integrated part of our clients team.